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Absolute Myths About Suboxone For Drug Addiction Treatment

Suboxone is a combination of buprenorphine and naloxone. While the former is an agonist, the latter helps block the brain receptors cutting the cravings. Suboxone has shown great results in cutting intoxication, further helping recover from opioid addiction. Likewise, drug addiction treatment includes trained doctors who can guide patients when taking the medication.

However, Suboxone has been in the news for its negative effects too. Here we’ll bust some myths about Suboxone and its active treatment.

Myth #1 You Recover Only If the Medication Ends

It depends upon how the Suboxone doctor defines the “recovery.” The past model of addiction was relatively different. In fact, the modern concept of recovery focus on the use of medication that regulates brain chemistry. Drug addiction treatment is viewed as a medical condition. Similarly, Suboxone is equally considered as medication for a chronic condition similar to diabetic patients needing insulin. Meanwhile, there’s nothing to stigmatize. As you recover, your dose will be lowered.

Myth #2 Suboxone Overdose

Suboxone is a partial opiate receptor and has “ceiling effects.” However, it is really difficult to overdose on oneself. Also, there’s a limit with Suboxone as compared to other opiates. Meanwhile, unlike other opioids like heroin and oxycodone, there is no great risk of slowed breathing. Most of the time, if people do overdose, it’s due to additional mixing of sedatives like benzodiazepines, medicines, or other slow breathing drugs. 

Myth #3 Frequent Abuse

Suboxone, like any other pill, can be abused. However, it has a partial effect and causes less euphoria than any other opiate. There have been many instances where Suboxone has been illegally used to stop the addict’s withdrawal or get off the heroin outcomes.

Myth #4 Suboxone And Therapy Work Side by Side

Suboxone is a drug addiction treatment remedy; however, that doesn’t mean there is a requirement to go for therapy. Moreover, it depends upon your doctors, who will designate you in the treatment process. While combination treatment is undoubtedly beneficial, only 10% of people with addiction are getting it. Also, it is unrealistic that everyone with addiction will receive all the aspects of treatment, especially those without access to regular healthcare, insurance, or both.

Myth #5 Suboxone Should Be Taken for Short Period

Suboxone treatment varies as per the practitioner. For that, you can just Google “drug addiction treatment centers near me.” However, there’s no evidence that suboxone treatment should be taken for a short-term period. Again, it solely depends upon your doctor when it comes to the continuation of the medication. 

Myth #6 Leave Everything to The Clinics

Definitely, clinics have a good amount of responsibility when treating a patient. However, a patient needs both mental and emotional support, which the near and dear ones can only provide. Family and friends are the support groups who can help recover from the abuse. Therefore make sure you have great support. You can also find “suboxone doctors near me” to book an appointment before going for treatment.

Final Wrap

It is still a stigma when getting lifesaving treatment; however, slowly and steadily, the perception is transforming away towards a more realistic and humane view of addiction. Such complex issues need to be addressed with compassion and modern medical care. At Drugshelp.today, we help patients pull through from opioid addiction with the most modern and scientific way of treatment.

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