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How Can You Support Patients Who Undergo Relapse?

Relapse is a dangerous phase for individuals under going drug addiction treatmentMoreover, it can be extremely difficult for individuals with a substance use disorder and those in their support circle. However, family members, friends, and suboxone doctors know that relapse is a possibility. But, what can be done if it turns into a reality and the patient needs the support.

Moreover, the individual who relapses must continue to maximize the treatment facility. Besides, everyone else in their life has a significant role to play to bring back from the phase. Consequently, utmost care should be taken concerning what to speak and what not to speak to people who have been replaced. 

As you stick to the article, sublocade treatment centers want you to focus on critical points if there has been a case of relapse amongst your family or friends. 

●    How You May Encourage 

When individual experiences live challenges, the words of others might either help or hurt. With patients undergoing treatment from suboxone clinics, one should be very careful about their interaction. 

●    This Doesn’t Mean You Have Failed.

Relapse is a part of rehabilitation. In fact, the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) reports that 60% of individuals undergoing the recovery phase have experienced some form of relapse. 

Patients may not want to understand the statistics; however, simply specify saying that many people relapse before they reach long-term sobriety. At sublocade treatment centers, we’ve seen many cases where patients get back to normal like before. Therefore, it is significant to reassure your loved one that recovery is a journey and setbacks are extremely common. 

●    You Intend To Remain Sober

Patients choose to enter a suboxone clinic with the goal of sobriety. Moreover, if they were not interested in the benefits of treatment, they would have never gone for that in the first place. You should recognize this and appreciate your loved ones for starting their journey towards sobriety. 

●    Full-Swing Support

Anytime a challenge arises, the thought of attacking can be exceptionally frightening. Your dear one will find solace with the physical presence. Encourage them by having your number on speed dial so that they can reach out to you in case of emergencies. You may also take the patient to the nearest suboxone doctor or perhaps be with them when they undertake their sublocade shot. 

Likewise, if you plan to visit a doctor, make sure you search “drug addiction treatment centers” or “sublocade shot near me” and seek an appointment.

●    How Has This Experience Provided Insight?

Reflection is a component of learning and growing. You may always ask your loved one questions. This will encourage them to keep learning and experiencing things. Keeping them engaged in what they have to do is a significant part of the treatment process. Additionally, if you want to know about the treatment process, make sure you search on Google “suboxone doctors near me” or “sublocade shot near me.” 

What Can I Do Right Now?

Many under the recovery period use the mantra, “one day at a time.” Helping your near one stay in the present moment can be fulfilled simply with a hug, a home-cooked meal, or perhaps a leisurely walk. Besides, you don’t have to worry when you ask, “What can I do to help you feel good?” 

If you are still not sure, then search for suboxone clinics near me and talk to the counselors.

What Not To Say 

Thinking of what went wrong or what went right doesn’t help a person in recovery. What not to speak is as essential as what to talk about with patients undergoing drug addiction treatment

●    You Were Doing Well; What Happened?

You may not have an idea of what relapse is? Often, a minor occurrence can result in seeking refuge or release. Instead of the queries, suboxone doctors recommend being more proactive and understanding the loved one’s individualized warning signs. 

Besides, you must equally understand that addiction is not a choice and substance use disorder is a medical condition that needs to be treated comprehensively. 

●    The Approach Isn’t Enough.

There are numerous approaches when undergoing drug addiction treatment. You may assume that because they relapsed, the therapy “isn’t working,” and an alternative approach may be the best choice. 

You really have no say in an individual’s chosen approach to treatment. What really works will be in line with your loved one’s personal goals.    

Ways to Offer Support

Sometimes action is the need of the hour. It can be challenging to know what to say to someone who relapsed. However, you need to make sure strategies that are proactive, practical, and positive. 

●    Listen 

Nobody liked to be lectured. Instead, sit around the individual and listen as much as possible. Also, be mindful of the facial expression and body language. Besides, avoid being defensive and just have a listening ear.

Update The Relapse Prevention Plan

Your plan isn’t successful unless you keep on reviewing it. The majority of treatment programs include the development of a relapse prevention plan. This should further include warning signs and red flags. Also, be familiar with all those signs to prevent any further issues. 

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