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Myths about Suboxone Treatment Busted

It is no surprise that myths stop us from benefiting from some of the best things, and Suboxone is one of such things.

There are befitting myths about this treatment that is stopping hundreds of patients use it. But when you search for Sublocade doctors near me, they will always encourage you to add Suboxone to the list of medications for treating opioid abuse. To be open to this medication, you need to be aware of the reality behind all the myths of Suboxone. Start reading to know more –

First Myth – You can easily overdose on Suboxone

Truth – This myth is doing the rounds because you have to overdose it with other opioids. But, the truth is that it is hard to overdose on just Suboxone. Suboxone can activate only a limited number of opioid receptors as it has an in-built “ceiling” effect as it is just a partial opioid receptor agonist. Suboxone overdose is only possible when it is taken with other sedatives such as benzodiazepines and medications that slow the breathing.

Second Myth – You can only take Suboxone for a short time 

Truth – There is no such proof to support the statement that Suboxone can only be taken for a short term. Every suboxone treatment centers Have a different theory about how long you can take the Suboxone. Doctors prescribe the use of Suboxone for as long as it is required. No evidence supports prolonged use of Suboxone has led to many severe health issues for any patient so far.

Third Myth – Using Suboxone means you have not recovered 

Truth – The modern theory of recovery highly recommends the use of medications like Suboxone. These medications are known to regulate brain chemistry. Moreover, Suboxone is highly recommended for chronic addiction. Sublocade treatment can be highly effective in Opioid abuse. There is no medical reality that supports the stigma – using Suboxone means you are not recovering. But that depends on your definition of “recovery.”

Fourth Myth – It is dangerous than the heroine 

Truth – This myth is more of a bluff. Suboxone is not even near as dangerous as heroin. It does not have any such severe side effect that of heroin. It does not negatively affect one’s physical health or does not have any cognitive function like heroin. It will not intoxicate or sedate the patient in any way. The effects of Suboxone are not even as high as that of heroin.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do any suboxone treatment centers near me have Sublocade Treatment? 

Yes, you can surely find any treatment center that uses Suboxone as one of their major medication to fight Opioid drug abuse.

How to look for suboxone treatment near me? 

You can just search for them on Google. Or you can ask the doctor you are going to check up to find the right suboxone treatment that is near to your place.

Wrapping Up

However, some withdrawal symptoms are noted in patients while they are still on Suboxone, but with proper treatment, such side effects and symptoms can be decreased to a great level. The use of Suboxone should not be avoided because of the myths about it. Try to find the truth behind the myths about this treatment and make way for a progressive medical community.

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