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Shining a Light on the Disastrous Cycle of Addiction

Research conducted in the sphere of drug addiction has demonstrated that an addicted person’s brain is physiologically and chemically, unlike a normal brain. Addiction is a neurological disorder, and it is essential to understand its development and the recovery process before going for drug addiction treatment.

Both internal turmoil/conflict and outside intervention can help an individual to come out of the addiction cycle and launch into a healthier lifestyle, basically undergo recovery. For an addict to break the repetitive cycle of addiction, a clear understanding of the process and a will to seek help is of utmost importance.

For some individuals, involvement in a self-help group, religious organization, or only making efforts to develop their life can help. Still, many individuals require help from suboxone doctors near me, counselors, rehabs, etc. to treat their addiction problem.

About addiction

Addiction is usually defined as obsessive thinking leading to a compulsive need for illicit drugs, despite its negative consequences. Addiction includes:

  • Development of tolerance
  • Withdrawal symptoms

An addict often experiences intense physical cravings for drugs, which becomes difficult to resist, and the person usually gives in to his cravings.

The cycle

According to a suboxone doctor, addiction generally starts with misuse, advancing towards abuse, and finally resulting in addiction, amplifying over time.

  • Misuse

Substance use usually starts in a social setting where people try to have fun by experimenting with drugs. Drugs relieve the person from feelings of discomfort. What started as a fun experiment may become an addiction as the person may continue to use drugs to alleviate emotional and physical pain (stay away from the feelings of discomfort).

  • Abuse

Soon the person’s drug consumption escalates to escape from reality and maintain the sought-after effects of euphoria caused by the drugs. The underlying issues that led the person to continue drugs are left unaddressed/unresolved. If an individual didn’t have any problems before the use, problems get created as an outcome of the use. Constant attempts to quench the body’s thirst for drugs becomes the individual’s new reality.

  • Addiction

The suboxone doctors near me say that when abuse continues for a prolonged period, addiction is developed. After the individual is entrenched in a cycle of addiction, the financial, social, physical, and emotional consequences appear.

Putting a stop to the cycle of addiction

The drug addiction treatment centers near me mention the periods involved in breaking the cycle:


The period when stopping substance use is not taken into consideration by the addict.


The period when an addict begins to contemplate his behavior and considers making a change by taking some actions.


The period when an addict begins to prepare mentally as well as physically to take the necessary action.


The period when an addict takes action by seeking help and getting admitted in a suboxone clinic or getting involved in self-help groups, counseling, etc. If an addict is taking action, there are high chances that he has stopped using by now.


The most crucial period when an addict puts effort into maintaining his new lifestyle follows a recovery program.

There is a high probability of relapse during an action or maintenance period, which means the addict again gets in the cycle of addiction. So it is essential to seek help from the best suboxone clinics near me and stay focused on moving forward on the path to recovery.

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