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Suboxone Clinic: Helping or Hurting Patients?


With millions worldwide succumbing to drugs and substance addiction each day, it has grown into a full-blown epidemic that needs to be cured. The lack of a generalized treatment option makes it difficult to suppress the drug and substance addiction epidemic that is consuming lives irrespective of their gender, race, religion, or other demographics. Since the triggers that compel people to falter and opt for addictive substances are various, the treatment options are also numerous. The recent rise of drug addiction treatment centers is trying to change by ebbing the tide of substance addiction amongst people.

Suboxone doctors near me explain the relevance of the MAT program in treating substance addiction:

The development of opioid addiction:

Amongst the people who are yielding to various illicit substances, opioids are the most common. Even a very short period of opioid abuse develops tolerance in the user, and they start craving for more. Their dependence grows gradually with such immensely addictive opioids like fentanyl, heroin, hydrocodone, and oxycodone. Excruciatingly painful withdrawal symptoms start occurring if the minimal regular dosage is not available for them. With time, the opioid abuse develops into an opioid addiction for the user.

MAT programs offer a ray of hope:

Suboxone doctors near me say that the proliferation of drug addiction treatment centers that offer varied forms of medical and therapeutic treatments for the patients suffering from substance addiction is a healthy development in the current scenario. In the case of opioid addiction, MAT or Medication Assisted Treatment programs have become nothing short of revolutionary. Maximum drug addiction treatment centers that dish out Suboxone treatment practice MAT programs.

Under the MAT program’s auspices, the patients suffering from opioid addiction receive medication, counseling, and behavioral therapies integrated to form a holistic approach to treatment. MAT programs incorporate maintenance medications like Suboxone or Sublocade and have shown extraordinary efficacy in treating opioid use disorders. The use of MAT programs by sublocade treatment centers has been immensely responsive in alleviating withdrawal symptoms in patients, providing a sustained recovery option, and preventing overdose and associated fatalities.

The role of Suboxone clinics in determining the fate of the patients:

Consumption of Suboxone or administration of Sublocade to patients afflicted by the use of opioids for prolonged duration has shown remarkable results. With the growth of sublocade treatment centers, the popularity of the MAT programs has been enormous. Thousands of patients these days are trying to forge their path to recovery by admitting themselves in the care of expert practitioners providing Suboxone treatment. Patients are submitting themselves to the care of the drug addiction treatment centers specializing in Suboxone treatment in the hope of attaining long-term recovery and overcoming the ordeals of opioid addiction. Several Suboxone clinics have been accused of exploiting their patients instead of providing them with a sustainable option to treatment and a right to reclaim the joys of their lives.

The dark underbellies of Suboxone clinics:

Though hailed as a Messiah in opioid addiction treatment and recovery services, some ugly truths are emerging concerning Suboxone treatment centers and clinics. Though the system established by the Food and Drug Administration dictates Suboxone and Sublocade prices to be slashed, several patients have complained otherwise.

Suboxone clinics

The laws that stand in Suboxone and Sublocade treatment:

Both Suboxone and Sublocade are not originally covered by Parts A and B or Medicare. But there are exceptions. Suppose a doctor specializing in Suboxone treatment takes up the mantle. In that case, he can include your required monthly Suboxone dosage under the aegis of Medicare Part D, which indicates that it is medically necessary and a life-saving drug for you. Thereby, it will offer Medicare-approved pricing for your Suboxone, which is very little compared to the actual one provided your doctor participates in Medicare for your Suboxone treatment. On the other hand, with Sublocade, you have copay assistance where the acclaimed Copay Assistance Program approved under the banner of several medical insurances covers a significant fraction of your Sublocade cost. It results in curtailing the cost of Sublocade dosage by a vast margin, and it comes down to as low as $5 monthly.

The ugly truth surfaces:

But patients claim that several sublocade treatment centers are using unscrupulous practices and exacting a massive amount of money from them. This situation has left several patients broke and led them to discontinue their treatments. Since MAT is an essential weapon to treat both opioid dependence and opioid overdose, treatment termination is causing a high tide of casualties, including suicides. Patients complain that doctors providing Suboxone treatment are refusing to provide medications on various pretexts. Some of them testify that the doctors have stated that Medicaid and Medicare cover the costs of medication and doctor visits, while they have to pay cash up-front for other procedures like drug testing, assessment and evaluation, counseling, therapy, and the like.


With a significant amount of the population afflicted by the opioid addiction epidemic being homeless and below the poverty line, maintenance medication like Suboxone and Sublocade is their only hope of reclaiming their lives and attaining long-term recovery. Suboxone doctors near me say that the patients should be well aware of their rights and carefully go through the Federal Regulations that have been printed to educate them and make them conscious of their rights. Since Suboxone treatment centers have been a breakthrough that can effectively end the opioid addiction epidemic, we hope they do more good than harm for the patients who also want to end their sufferings.

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