• The Role of Addiction In A Distorted Parenting

The Role of Addiction In A Distorted Parenting

Parenting is never an easy job. Even after ten years, Well-experienced parents sometimes fail to take proper care of their children. But when a chronic disorder like drug abuse captures the parents’ distressed minds, instead of producing calm conduct, it generates a violent attitude and pushes their children to grow alone from their childhood days. Parents often don’t realize the damages. They start to ignore care for their kids and start inducing them as well.

Physical damages

Addiction is never the same as having a fever or developing any syndrome. Its impact not only affects the user’s lifestyle, but it dismantles his/her surroundings also. If a pregnant mother is habituated to consuming drugs in her daily routine, she is vulnerable to her infants and sometimes can damage its physical condition too. Doctors have found such cases where the infants come out with severe organ malfunction or discontinuous growth pattern.

Addiction isolates people from their community. It is no exception to the kids also. As the addict parents don’t take care of their close ones, kids often go unchecked for their needs and requirements. Such instances can promote malnutrition among them and can cause premature deaths. Being in a recovery withdrawal can temp the parents do physical abuse with their children and can push it to as high as conceding damages in their bodies also. While parents should seek individual parental counseling under such conditions, they need a proper addiction recovery plan for quick improvement.

Mental damages

Untreated kids start to grow their own and stumble against the cruel competitive world every day. Their heavy academic schedule throws burning shots to them. But where does it result? They start to feel depressed and often try to avoid public interactions. They get mentally affected by their parents’ behavior. Addicted parents often fight one against the other in little things, and when such turmoil becomes regular in a family, kids tend to stay alone most of the time. They feel a lack of support and care, and often fail to produce good grades in all childhood activities, including academics.

Due to parent misbehavior being a daily life routine, kids never develop human qualities and often disrespect seniors with abusive words. They exhibit behavioral problems and get unaccepted by their classmates also. There remains no support behind their backbones once the parents fall apart with addiction.

Growing abundant

Kids do follow the footsteps of their seniors and idolize their work-ethics as their primary motivation while growing up. But with the turbulence heading at the initial level of parenting, their lifestyles become a disgrace. Their tendency to mimic their parents’ culture ultimately takes them down to a dark world and never helps them get out of that. Only a little temptation from their friends seems the primary objective of those innocent kids. While they forget they have their parents alive, their life as a single fighter takes the edge where they found it convenient from their perspective. In most cases, they develop the same person their parents were previously.

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