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Why is Willpower not Enough to Stay Away From Drugs?


With considerable numbers of people falling prey to substance abuse each day, drugs and substance addiction have become an epidemic of massive magnitude. It is consuming people irrespective of their age, race, ethnicities, genders, or other demographics worldwide. Especially in America, the opioid use disorder is on the rise, and its steep curve is not subsiding at all. But with the circumspect increase in the number of suboxone treatment centers near me and the improvement of facilities regarding technology and treatment methods, there is a flicker of hope that this epidemic can be thwarted in near future.

How does willpower play an essential role in Suboxone treatment near me and addiction recovery?

For people who have been the victims of addiction for a long time, it is difficult to come to terms with the sweeping concept of addiction recovery. Particularly in the case of an opioid abuse disorder, the patients keep using opioids for an extended period with the dosage mounting over time as their tolerances of those illicit drugs continue to increase.

It is quite usual for the patients to have their family and social life destroyed, jobs lost, financial independence gone, physical and mental health deteriorated to the point of no return when their substance addiction is in full swing. In such cases, only willpower seems an essential thing to direct them towards quitting substances and enrolling themselves in the care and supervision of suboxone treatment centers near me. But is it enough?

Medical experts specializing in Suboxone treatment near me feel that willpower is not enough to ensure a long-term recovery:

While willpower is a vital precipitator to direct the patients reeling under addiction to start receiving suboxone treatment near me, the doctors feel that it is not enough to guarantee a long-term recovery and maintenance of sobriety. Let’s explore why.

● Substance addiction is not a choice:

Contrary to popular social beliefs, substance addiction is not a choice. The doctors who provide Suboxone treatment near me emphasize that if it was a choice, why would a patient fall prey to substance addiction in the first place? If sufficient willpower could regulate your substance usage, you would no longer be abusing drugs like opioids and staying clear from them not to develop an addiction. Suboxone treatment specialists also emphasize that once substance addiction takes hold of you, your power of choice and willpower tend to dwindle. You are less likely to constitute rational decisions.

● Willpower subdues trauma:

The medical experts who are licensed to provide Suboxone treatment near me say that substance addiction becomes increasingly challenging to treat because of the presence of underlying mental conditions. People with strong willpower often tend to push down trauma or incidents leading to such. Thus their substance addiction becomes increasingly challenging to deal with when there is an underlying presence of suppressed pain and trauma.

● Resolution and commitments are not enough:

The medical supervisors at Suboxone treatment centers say that a decision to stay away from drugs and substances like opioids is not enough to grant recovery. The patient needs to support his resolution and commitment with a thorough medical aid. That comes in the form of Suboxone treatment near me when it concerns opioid addiction. Medication, cognitive and behavioral therapy, counseling, and aftercare programs are instrumental in sobriety maintenance and ensuring sustained recovery.

● The human mind tends to forget things quickly:

Even though you feel that your willpower is enough to thwart substances and drugs once and for all, your inner nature will provoke you to take risks and try out things differently next time. The presence of addiction triggers in and around you are manifold, and these incite the need to try and use substances again. Without a holistic medication-assisted treatment and cognitive and behavioral therapy, your chances of recovering from substance addiction become very slim. The doctors offering medical support at the Suboxone treatment centers near me feel the same way.

Wrapping up:

It is immensely challenging to combat substance addiction and long-drawn abuse without help and support. It can be in the form of medical assistance and even the connections you create during aftercare. Willpower tends to overpower the need to make such connections and receive help, which could prove detrimental to your recovery process.

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